Day 1

Did a cool exercise in class on how to create an object or something from our imagination using random supplies from the classroom. Exercised critical thinking in my group to come up with a simple, yet pretty cool invention.

Someone else had the idea of a universal translator. One that could automatically translate  any language into another language. My group took that idea and expanded it into an earpiece that could translate the words you are hearing into your native tongue. Also would come with another ear piece that you could give to the person you are talking to so you could both understand each other but still both talk in your native language. Another idea was creating a phone application so you could choose the desired language, etc. Since this is in the future hopefully a technology would exist to supply power to the device (maybe via body heat). We wanted it simple and small, so thats exactly what we created. A small earpiece that can be hidden so no one will know you are using it.

Future ideas/problems brought up by class mates:

  • How would you respond?
  • How would you translate written words or street signs?

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