Day 2, lab 1

Today we learned about a ton of electricity stuff, most of which I already knew from physics.

In this first lab, we were tasked to create a simple LED circuit using a breadboard, hookup wires, 7805 voltage regulator, an LED, a switch, a resistor, and a battery.

Here is my circuit I made:

As you can see, I have wires from the + and – of the power supply plug to the in prong and ground prong of the voltage regulator. Then from there I have wired from the ground and out prongs to the power strip on the side. Then the usual + to a switch, with the other side going to a resistor and then finally to the LED, which then is plugged in to the – to complete the circuit.




The next portion was to create a creative enclosure for my board. I chose the little robot mice from the OG Star Wars movies that you can see around the Death Star. Here is a picture:

And finally my process through pictures, using card board, scissors, duck tape, and electrical tape.


My goals for this class are to have a better understanding of physical computing and how we interact with this objects every day


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