First Model

Using Rhino, model something that fits inside a 3″x 3″x 3″ cube. Examples: cookie cutters, keychain, vase, toy, etc… Get creative!

Create a blog post that includes:

  • A photo of your original idea sketched on paper, and any other sources of inspiration.
  • At least 2 screenshots of your progress in building this model.
  • Final screenshots of your model.
  • A short description of what you made and why you choose to model it.

Submit your .3dm Rhino file and also a link to your blog documentation before class on Monday, January 30th.

Sketches: form

I made  a simple red lego piece. I spent all my childhood playing with legos so I thought it was appropriate. Plus, it seemed like a good introduction to lots of features in Rhino (extrude, hole, surface, etc.)


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