Don Norman

I have previously read this in one of my other courses. Really enjoyed the chapter.

Main things I got out of it:

  • Some things do not need signs like doors
  • Discoverability and Understanding are the most important of designDesign is concerned with how things work, how they are controlled, and the nature of the interaction between people and technology
    • industrial, interaction, and experience
  • fulfill human needs
  • the designers do the understanding, it should be simple for us consumers
  • focus on the wrong
  • Human Centered Design
    • puts them first then accommodates
  • Discoverability
    • affordances
      • a chair affords support, affords sitting
    • signifiers
      • mark or sound
    • contraints
    • mappings
      • seat shaped controls to control the seat position
    • feedback
      • informative
      • stoplights, etc.
  • conceptual models – highly simplified
    • example: documents and folders make sense of the computer file system
  • any new feature is an advancement but also makes the products harder to use, more parts
    • a balance of the small parts is hard to accomplish


TED Talk w/ Author:

  • Pleasant things work better
  • positive valence
  • anxious for deadlines, focus
  • happy for ideas, dopamine in frontal lobe
  • Visceral
    • unconscious, pretty
  • behavioral
    • feeling in control
    • the feel of something, how ease it is to push a door, etc.
    • complete control
  • reflective
    • super ego
    • image

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