Interactive Design

  1. Are rugs interactive? Explain in your own words why or why not.No, unless its a magical rug from Aladdin (he he). There is no interactivity except stepping on it. Stepping on the rug doesn’t provide any sort of feedback and it doesn’t thinking and respond. It may be nice to look at and protect the floor underneath or absorb the grim from your shoes but thats it.
  2. Come up with your own damn definition of interactivity.Interactivity is literally something you interact with, you get feedback from. You use an option or click on a toggle and you get a feedback from the device. It may be a low interactivity like I just described, but it is still interactivity at that level. 2 actors.
  3. Throw this book across the room. Measure the distance it traveled and the angle of impact. Draw appropriate conclusions in crayon.Don’t know how I feel about this one. First off, I don’t have a book and id rather not throw my laptop. I will report back with throwing my iPad onto my bed. I also have crayons somewhere So I will update this with a great picture.

Really great article and I loved the humor she used to convey her message. The playfulness really helped keep my focused and engaged in the topic. I feel like having a conversation with her would be very fun I’m thinking.


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