Lab 3

Choose a circuit that you made already in this class (from lab 1 or 2). Draw the schematic for that circuit, then transfer the components from the breadboard to a small piece of protoboard. Solder your components to the protoboard and figure out a way to power your circuit (pro tip: solder a wire for power and a wire for ground and power the protoboard from your breadboard…)

Object 2.png

With power supply
Top View
Horrible soldering

Pretty bad soldering, because I didn’t use anything to hold it in place, but it got the job done.

Develop a concept for an interactive object. Write a description of your idea that explains the WHY. Consider the feedback loop. Create and post any graphics or drawings that will help explain your concept.

Might be kind of simple, but a pen that indicates how much ink is left. I was thinking of a battery-like indicator with lights going from green to red to show the level. You would click a button on the side of the pen to see how much is left. This is useful for knowing exactly how much you have left in the pen and when you should refill it! You don’t want to be caught away from home with a pen that is almost out! Especially with pens, its hard to see how much is left. How many times have you used a pen that looks like it is filled with ink, only to find out that you have nothing left to write with? Another idea to build off of this could be adding a window to “see” the ink and have a light make the ink glow so you can see how much is left via a visibility cue of the ink itself. My idea is based completely off of a battery or a stylus like the Apple Pencil or the Surface Pen. Plus this is a feedback and interaction object. The user is Actor 1, the pen is Actor 2. The user clicks the button and gets immediate feedback on the level of the ink via LED indicators on the side (actor 2). Might be lower interactivity like the refrigerator example from our readings, but it is still interactivity!




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