Assignment 3

I decided to go with rebuilding the bench we see all around campus. I have always thought they were uncomfortable and weird looking. So I made it out of wood and got rid of the holes that make it award and sometimes get your stuff caught into (I.e. My keys in my back pocket, haha). There is nothing like sitting on a full wooden bench with no holes in it. Seems kind of simple, but the filling of the holes I know could make a huge difference in comfortably. Only downsides could be the wooden bench out under non-covered areas. Future areas I would improve in is added a very small spring so it is slightly more comfortable to sit on.


If I had more time, I would have picked a different object to model. Something smaller and easier to use. I thought a bench would be a good idea, but not sure anymore. Had major issues will filleting but I think thats from how I decided to create the object. Overall this assignment let me think through some interesting rhino issues and definitely let me understand the whole program a lot better. Now on to Project 1!


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