Write a short (~250 words) blog post responding to these three readings.

(potential prompts: What did you find compelling? Do you agree with the authors? Why or why not?)

I pretty much agreed with everything that was stated. Dieter (hey same name as me) Rams had probably the most compelling because these are things we hold very high today. His ten commandments were evenly split, but from he How Design works article it seemed like everyone else had them more or less the same, but with less emphasis on environmentally friendly. I think that is the biggest draw back of current design and the most improvements we can go towards as designers. I applaud companies like Apple who really care about their impact on the environment. Design a product should be way more than just the product itself. It has to leave a meaningful impact so much that it blends into your surrounds and operates without much struggle. I hate seeing plastic now because I know the design did NOT take into consideration the harmful impact it has on the environment. It is lacking. It may be an awesome design overall, but without that last piece it is incomplete and luckily designers and most products nowadays do recognize that this is an important part of design.

Also what is interesting to me is the demise of form follows function. It is arguably harder to figure out a product nowadays because it is never what you expect, but back before the 60’s you can easily guess what something would do. As design continues and we advance as a society some legacy products will old true through the ages and we can still technically recognize what something is. Our mind evolves to the new standards. A cell phone in the 90’s was a large brick but now its a small sleek screen, now anything with a screen could be a phone. Maybe its more about how fast and how popular a certain product is to define any new products in that category. Using Apple as an example again, the iPhone really changed how we viewed the smartphone/cell phone world and now anything that looks like it can easily be attuned to “thats an iPhone aka a smartphone”. Not really sure where I’m going with this as I can’t fully flesh out my thoughts in a reading manner, but I think I got my point across.


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