Read the following links in prep for an in depth discussion of materials, waste, and sustainability on Wednesday. Compose a short (~250 words) blog response to the reading.

I think the idea of “use more, recycle more” Is an interesting concept. We as a society seem like we haven’t really tackled recycling to a full extent but the more we use the more it kicks us to recycle more. Hopefully we can reach the point to where we recycle more and more no matter if we use more. I also think its crazy that 87 percent of packaging is for food and drinks, stuff we throw out when we are done using. There needs to be a more environmentally friendly item that doesn’t cost too much and helps with that percentage. And in the second article, the idea of “makers” (which is an awesome one) using and making products to solve problems that either create more problems or don’t solve any problems (looking at you, ramen-phone-holder). Once put into perspective these non-manufactured personal (or school-grade) products are actually use more energy is worrying for long term. We continue to make more and more stuff because we live in a capitalist consumer-centric society. We keep inventing problems that may not exist and using materials that may not last a long time. A lot of the maker movement involves plastics which is just another thing to recycle, but going back to the first article it may be a good thing because more stuff – more recycling. Overall, really interesting articles on the use cases of the maker movement and recycling over the years.

The last article stood out a bit to me, mostly cause I’ve taken multiple classes on the environment and the I’ve heard a lot about the new classification “anthropocene”. Im a firm believer that around this time does mark the new classification as we are making a lot of lasting effects on the environment through changing atmosphere levels, reef gaps (which normally mark the start of amass extinction event) and the facts that humans are the biggest group of species that have lasted not he earth thus far.

Rally cool articles and they were fun to read!


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