Lab 7

Lab 7: Get familiar using motors with Arduino. The point of this lab is to learn different motors and how to using them in conjunction with am H-Bridge. Since these motors (DC and stepper) need to switch the + and – to go different directions, we need something to be able to control that. I teamed up with two people for this lab.

Part 1: DC Motor

This part taught us how to wire a DC Motor and control the direction with a button. We needed to code for the direction of the two legs and an enable pin (that switches it on).

Object 2.png
Everything up and running! We put a sticker on the motor so we can see the direction clearly

Video: Slow-motion, to show the switch in direction when the button is pressed.

Hand in the way to press the button, but pictures show the circuit wired.

Part 2: Stepper Motor

This one gets a little more interesting, using a unipolar set up to control the coils inside of the motor. These can more in steps or really small increments. We had to borrow the stepper motor and work in groups for this part. Our goal was to program it to make one revolution, back and forth.

Object 3.png
Edited the schematic slightly because we used the 5V for everything rather than the 12V
All set up!
Tape to clearly show the direction



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