Project 2 Proposal

Biker signal thingy (Working Title)

How could we make this unique and our own?

  • I like the glove idea, after some research I didn’t see anyone use a glove (is it too much work?)
  • Motion/gesture based
  • Simple buttons with a short radio wave communication (like Arielle was saying)

Should be simple and intuitive. Shouldn’t require too much extra work and thought

Goal: Safety? Ease of use? Cool? Pretty? All of these?



First initial quick sketch

Proposal (PRINT THIS OUT):



Our idea is the safety of bike riders in signalling when they are breaking and turning. This would help decrease bike and car related accidents as drivers will be able to more clearly see bikers at night and in the day. This also will help bikers get over the frustration of the arm waving to signal left or right, it will also be more visible to oncoming traffic at night time. From my experience, many drivers don’t fully understand which arm gesture means what and this can cut down on confusion for all parties involved as lights and arrows clearly show which direction the biker is intended to take. I think this would be a great solution in a place like Boulder because we share the roads a lot with bikers and many times bikers get fully in the car-turning lane.


We tend to explore wearable and wireless technologies



  • Jacket
  • Arduino Lilypad
  • LED Strips
  • Force sensors
  • Buttons
  • Wire
  • Potentially bluetooth or signal capable switches



First week- Figure out LED with switches

Second Week- explore bluetooth or signal capabilities

Third week- integrate with jacket and glove for final proof of concept



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