Design Manifesto

  Design Manifesto What do you believe?  I believe in a sustainable future and I think all design choices should be influenced by our changing and evolving planet. Thats not to say that we should prioritize function over form, but sustainable materials and thoughts throughout the design process should be at the top of the … Continue reading Design Manifesto


Final Project

Brainstorming: Week 1 (once approved): Rhino Files Schedule Laser cutting time for prototyping Week 2: Iterations have at least a cardboard prototype by 4/26 Week 3: Final iteration done Documentation Introduction: Artist Statement (200 word): Laser cut game "box" with interchangeable boards and drawer to hold games and game pieces in. I think it would … Continue reading Final Project

Final Project Proposal

Basic project concept- What are you making, and why? How are you going to create it? Sketches/mock-ups- Rough outline of what the final project will look like and do Rough timeline for completion- approximate deadlines for completing the stages of your project (modeling, prototyping, final fabrication, documentation, buffer time for mistakes, etc.) Brainstorming: custom wooden keyboard keys … Continue reading Final Project Proposal

Assignment 8

In Rhino, design a collection of simple objects that conceptually relate to one another. Your collection should consist of at least 4 different objects and each one should be at least slightly different in design. This is just a modeling exercise, you don’t need to 3d print these designs. Candles? I decided to go with … Continue reading Assignment 8